Business Improvement

Even the best companies benefit from Monomoy’s commitment to business improvement. 

Monomoy is passionate about improving every aspect of the companies we buy, and our most important job is to inspire the managers and employees of our businesses to share our passion. We are experts in strategic sales, product pricing, supply chain optimization, process improvement, cash management, cost reduction and lean manufacturing. 

We work to improve middle-market businesses through a systematic process. First, we understand the current state of the business. Then we work with the owners or managers to identify a more robust future state and to provide the operational and strategic tools needed to achieve the full potential of the enterprise. At every step along the way, our operating and finance professionals work alongside management to create and sustain a culture of continuous improvement, increased profitability and strategic growth. 

We are comfortable working with incumbent management. When necessary, we can recruit a new senior executive team, or supplementing existing management with experienced industry executives. We have a long history of working constructively with customers, suppliers and trade unions, and we often negotiate new business and labor agreements in connection with our investments.

Most of all, we are battle tested in up markets, down markets and everything in between. We have rarely encountered a business that couldn't benefit from our ability to improve operational efficiency and create value. Above all, we love what we do, which may be why we’ve done it so well for so many years. 

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