Monomoy Investments


Monomoy has never met a middle market business that we couldn’t help. Over the past five years, we’ve closed over 30 transactions in multiple industries, acquiring companies through bankruptcy, corporate divestitures, recapitalizations and plain-vanilla stock or asset purchases. We bring certainty to any sales process, and we create value by working with management to make our portfolio companies stronger, more nimble, and more profitable.

Monomoy companies generate more than $1.2 billion in combined sales, employ over 5,000 team members and operate over 35 facilities in North America, Europe, India, Brazil and China.

Do you still fit into your favorite pair of jeans from High School?  We do.  And to celebrate, we created American Textile Holdings to acquire and operate one of the largest denim manufacturing operations in the Americas.  AmTex produces denim fabric from raw cotton in Littlefield, Texas and makes finished jeans in Guatemala City, Guatemala.  We partnered with Kingsmoor LLC, an expert apparel group, to acquire the business from a cooperative of cotton farmers.  As we work the Monomoy magic on the company’s operations, AmTex is perfectly positioned to capture additional volume from the retailers who are currently re-sourcing denim production from Asia to the Americas. The best part: we get free jeans forever.


Yes, we actually own an auto component supplier that has remained healthy amid the worst industry collapse in history. Compass Automotive is a company Monomoy built out of four underperforming businesses in the automotive supply chain. Compass makes the metal components that attach your wheel to the axle and allow you to steer your car, including steering knuckles and control arms. Compass supplies nearly every automotive company in North America with lightweight, aluminum parts, which make cars more fuel efficient. We saved Compass from the automotive collapse through the relentless application of lean manufacturing and cost reduction. The company's focus on highly-engineered, safety-critical auto components has allowed Compass to prosper as the auto industry stabilizes.

CMG is an industry-leading, highly-sophisticated manufacturer of custom-engineered, safety-critical metal fasteners for the automotive supply chain. O.K., you caught us: the Company makes nuts and bolts. But CMG’s nuts and bolts (and its many other metal fasteners) are really cool and really important for keeping your car in one piece.  The Company operates six facilities throughout the Midwest, employs over 650 dedicated associates and manufactures over 2,500 specialty metal fasteners for car makers, automotive suppliers and industrial manufacturers.  Monomoy acquired the business in 2014 from its family owners and is working with management to continue improving productivity, customer service and product quality.  So CMG is definitely a screwy investment, but it should be a good one.

Escort is the market leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of radar detectors and mobile data used for ticket protection.  But we didn’t buy Escort to save on traffic tickets. We purchased Escort for its market leadership, extensive patent portfolio, global presence, and diversified approach to market. Since radar was introduced in the 1970’s as a method to enforce traffic laws, Escort has been providing an enthusiast customer base with travel intelligence through the Company’s patented radar detection technologies. The Company’s product portfolio has evolved to include some of the most innovative hardware and software technologies in the ticket protection industry, helping users drive smarter worldwide. It is true, however, that our commuting times have grown shorter since we purchased Escort.


On your table, in your kitchen, at your favorite restaurant: the flatware, the dinnerware, the glassware, the stemware, you can find our every ware, everywhere. EveryWare Global, Inc. was formed in March of 2012 through the merger of two iconic American brands: Anchor Hocking and Oneida. Over time, our well-known portfolio of global brands has grown to include Anchor Hocking, Anchor, AnchorHome, Buffalo China, Delco, FireKing, ONEIDA, OneidaCraft, Rego, Sant’ Andrea, Viners and W.A. Rogers. With this broad portfolio and a disciplined, tiered go-to-market strategy, EveryWare provides an integrated tabletop and food preparation solution that specifically caters to its diverse customer base. We plan to invest in EveryWare’s international presence, while further penetrating the North American consumer, foodservice and specialty channels with the industry’s most comprehensive and innovative product offering. Enjoy your meal.

Loved by Driver’s Ed instructors worldwide, Gearbox Group produces the parts that are making manual transmissions obsolete. Whether car or SUV, tractor or dump truck, bus or cement mixer, if it has an automated or synchronized transmission, you can bet Gearbox Group was responsible for the missing pedal. Under the Raybestos, Steel Parts, and Allomatic brands, Gearbox designs, manufactures and distributes a diversified portfolio of transmission, wet braking and steering components, with a focus on friction and reaction clutch plates that facilitate automated gear changes. Gearbox Group is a market leader known for innovation, quality and reliability that supplies the world’s foremost aftermarket distributors, automotive OEMs, Tier I auto and industrial suppliers and heavy-duty transmission manufacturers. The Gearbox team is building a leading platform in the automated transmission and wet braking niche.



Katun helps businesses save money on printing and copying expenses with low-cost replacement toner, printer cartridges and copier drums. As the pioneer of the aftermarket accessory space for printers and copiers, Katun maintains the dominant brand name and market share of off-brand accessories in the world. The company designs and engineers its products in the United States, sources them in Asia and sells them to over 18,000 customers in 150 countries. These — along with Katun's unique products and global reach — were the key reasons for Monomoy's acquisition. With our help, Katun has consolidated distribution centers and sales offices, improved product mix and introduced exciting new products.  In 2010, the company acquired Media Sciences, Inc. to expand its printer products.  The company has also introduced a web-based selling program and reduced inventory across its global network from Amsterdam to Argentina. So, if you want to save money on printer and copier costs, check out Katun's products at

When Monomoy acquired Kurz-Kasch, it was a troubled and non-core division of a large public company-which obscured its enviable status as the worldwide leader in manufacturing electromagnetic components for heavy-duty diesel fuel systems. The company also makes high-grade thermoset plastic parts and can mold nearly any part required by any industry. Within a year of our acquisition, we added McLean Vehicle Systems and Macon Coil to grow the company's specialized, high-margin component business. We have consolidated ten Kurz-Kasch facilities into two locations in Ohio, substantially reducing operating costs and improving quality. Today, Kurz-Kasch is a critical supplier to original equipment manufacturers in a wide range of industries. It remains profitable despite the collapse of the basic vehicle market and well positioned to out-perform in an economic recovery.

    • Monomoy Investments

    • AmTex

      Sales $120 million
      Sector Denim Apparel
      HQ New York, New York
      CEO Robert Fowler
      SIC Code 3152, 2211
    • Compass Automotive

      Sales $110 million
      Sector Automotive Parts
      HQ Franklin, Indiana
      CEO Craig Conaty
      SIC Code 3363
    • ContMid Group

      Sales $240 million
      Sector Automotive
      HQ Park Forest, Illinois
      CEO David Kaminski Sr.
      SIC Code 3452
    • Escort

      Sales N/A
      Sector Automotive Aftermarket
      HQ West Chester, Ohio
      SIC Code 335
    • EveryWare

      Sales N/A
      Sector Tabletop and Food Preparation
      HQ Lancaster, Ohio
      CEO Sam Solomon
      SIC Code 3229
    • Gearbox Group

      Sales $160 million
      Sector Automotive
      HQ Oak Brook, Illinois
      CEO David Coolidge
      SIC Code 3465
    • Katun

      Sales $290 million
      Sector Copier Accessories
      HQ Minneapolis, Minnesota
      CEO Todd Mavis
      SIC Code 5044 and 5112
    • Kurz-Kasch

      Sales $40 million
      Sector Electromagnetic Parts
      HQ Dayton, Ohio
      CEO N/A
      SIC Code 3089