Long-Term Perspective

Monomoy builds ENDURING companies, not short-term profits. 

At Monomoy, we aim to make every business we buy better, turning our portfolio companies into healthier, more profitable and more sustainable businesses on the path to continued success. We own our portfolio companies for as long as we can add value through business improvement, profitable growth or strategic acquisitions.

We provide Monomoy companies with the resources they need to prosper and grow through better working capital management, materials sourcing, facility consolidation, manufacturing quality, process efficiency, as well as data and analytics for product pricing and SKU rationalization. Using the tools of the Monomoy Production System, we work side-by-side with company management to improve labor productivity, streamline overhead costs, enhance the supply chain and optimize product mix. From there, our companies extend their footprint through acquisitions, capital improvements and organic sales growth.

At Monomoy, we strive to create better middle-market companies, companies that are built to last through every change in the market environment or economic climate. 

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