We built Monomoy to help businesses navigate the currents of change.

Our name is inspired by Monomoy Island – a narrow spit of land that juts into the Nantucket Sound off the southern tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. For decades, the lighthouse on Monomoy Island guided vessels through the treacherous currents off of Cape Cod, helping them find safe harbor in the bustling commercial ports of New England. At Monomoy Capital Partners, we too are dedicated to giving middle-market companies the resources and expertise they need to prosper in times of clear sailing and to navigate the obstacles they face when they encounter “rough waters.”

Since 2005, Monomoy has provided middle-market businesses with strategic capital, unmatched management and operational expertise, and the ability to achieve sustainable success. If your middle-market business is faced with change, or if your business is ready for the next step of accelerating earnings growth, Monomoy Capital Partners is the right private equity partner for you.

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