Monomoy Production System

The Monomoy Production System (MPS) is inspired by the Toyota Production System, also known as lean manufacturing.  Our team of in-house experts, a number of whom began their careers working for Toyota, have refined the principles of lean manufacturing to solve problems and drive value for middle-market businesses. The focus of the Monomoy Production System, both within Monomoy and at our portfolio companies, is to use data and analytics to create value by systematically eliminating waste.

Monomoy has made itself and its portfolio companies successful through kaizen - small, continuous improvements in every aspect of its business processes. MPS is based on the belief that the most valuable resources in any business are its employees, and our team of operating professionals is trained to encourage, coach and bring out the best in the management teams and employees of every business we own.  

...But this is what really sets us apart - the MPS "boot camps" that we run throughout the entire Monomoy portfolio of companies.

Once a quarter, we bring together 15 to 20 managers from every Monomoy company for two weeks of intense training in the principles and practice of lean manufacturing.

Each boot camp session is held at a different Monomoy company. Participants spend about twenty percent of their time in the classroom learning the basic concepts of MPS and the balance of the boot camp on the shop floor, applying MPS to solve actual problem areas that were identified by the host company’s management team.  This process allows us to train team members and to solve real problems in our businesses every day.   

Through these bootcamps, we have trained hundreds of portfolio company employees in lean manufacturing and delivered substantial business improvements at every one of our companies.

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