Gearbox Group

Loved by drivers ed instructors everywhere, Gearbox produces the transmission parts that are making manual transmissions obsolete.

If your car, SUV, tractor, dump truck, bus or cement mixer has an automated or synchronized transmission, Gearbox Group is probably responsible for the parts that let them eliminate the clutch pedal. Under the Raybestos, Steel Parts, and Allomatic brands, Gearbox designs, manufactures and distributes transmission, braking and steering components, with a focus on the highly-specialized friction and reaction clutch plates that automate gear changes.

Gearbox is a market leader known for innovation, quality and reliability, and it supplies most automotive OEMs as well as the world’s leading aftermarket distributors, Tier I auto suppliers and heavy-duty truck manufacturers. So think of Monomoy and Gearbox the next time you slip your car or truck into drive and cruise effortlessly down the freeway.

Sales: $125 million
Sector: Automotive Aftermarket and Heavy Duty Equipment
HQ: Crawfordsville, Indiana
CEO: Lorenzo Muhammad

Monomoy Managers: Justin HillenbrandLee Mlotek