To maximize value for our Limited Partners by combining access to inefficient markets with operational value creation in businesses facing an inflection point.


To be the investment manager of choice for our partners by generating superior, long-term investment returns, ensuring that our interests are aligned with theirs and working collaboratively and openly to exceed expectations.
To attract, develop and retain exceptional professionals by providing a team-based environment that is supportive and challenging and that celebrates excellence in everything we do.
To create a culture of continuous improvement, effective communication and learning from success and failure.

Monomoy Values:



Aligning individual skillsets to achieve a common goal in a collaborative and coordinated manner.

Our daily activities start and end with teamwork.  Our operations, finance and investment professionals work as one cohesive team to unite our efforts toward our common goal of maximizing value for our investors.  This unified approach can be seen from our deal team structure, where the same team sees a deal through from start to finish, to our firm-wide incentives, where the success of our employees is aligned with that of our investor base.  



Acting in a fair and honest way to maintain the highest ethical standards.

Integrity is the foundation of our organization.  Every decision and action we make adheres to the highest of ethical standards.  Our partners have placed their trust in us, and we continue to earn their trust every day through fair and honest conduct, open dialogue, and the belief that our reputation is our most important asset.  



Providing guidance and empowering others to succeed.

Leadership demands that we provide clear guidance and empower others to succeed. We invest in our people, develop their capabilities through training and mentorship, and provide support and direction every step of the way. We trust in our systems and processes and supplement them with the devotion, creativity and focus of our experienced professionals. We strive to be our investors’ partner of choice, leading in industry performance, while providing our team members the platform on which they can achieve their goals.



Taking ownership of one’s actions to meet defined expectations.

We aim to take ownership of the results of our actions in everything we do. We invest meaningful personal capital in each fund alongside our investors. Through our staged investment reviews and transaction reflections, we compare performance with defined expectations to understand ways to foster higher levels of achievement. Rather than hide from our mistakes, we seek to learn from them. We are committed to delivering exceptional and consistent results to our investors and one another.


Continuous Improvement:

Reflecting on lessons learned to drive sustainable and incremental improvement.

At Monomoy, continuous improvement is a part of our DNA. Through honest and open reflection, we identify opportunities for improvement and implement processes to ensure we learn from every experience. Through the value creation plan that we execute in every investment and the ongoing, educational “boot camps” we lead for our employees and portfolio companies, we instill a culture of continuous improvement across our organization.



Striving to be the best at everything we do as a firm, and the output of each of our Values when followed to the highest degree.

We pursue excellence in everything we do and endeavor to better ourselves in all aspects of our work. We search for ways to raise the bar above what we thought was possible, from individual performance to the reach of our value creation plans. Through our unwavering commitment to teamwork, integrity, leadership, accountability and continuous improvement, we believe we can achieve excellence as a firm and be the best at what we do.