Hiring FAQs

I’m interested in learning more about opportunities at Monomoy. How do I get in touch?

To learn more about opportunities at Monomoy, please complete and submit the form above with your resume attached. Don’t forget to indicate your preferred team from the dropdown options.

After reaching out, who will contact me and when?

Once you have submitted your details, expect a response from a member of our Talent team typically within one to two weeks.

Can you describe the interview process?

Monomoy’s interview process is designed to match the role’s needs. It typically includes a behavioral interview to understand your cultural alignment and past experiences. Role-specific assessments may also be conducted to evaluate your technical, leadership, and cognitive skills.

How can I prepare for an interview?

For a successful interview at Monomoy, understand the role and align it with your skills. Learn about our firm and culture, and be ready to discuss your work experiences, especially those demonstrating your problem-solving, technical skills, and leadership abilities. Practice typical interview questions and maintain professionalism. Remember, interviews are a two-way conversation: come with questions to learn more about us and the opportunity.

Are there any travel requirements?

Travel requirements depend on the team. For instance, our Operating Team travels weekly. We’ll communicate any travel expectations ahead of the formal interview process.

What if I don’t have a Private Equity / Finance background, can I work for Monomoy?

It depends on the role. For our investment team, a finance background is a must. But we have other teams where prior banking, Private Equity, or finance experience is not a pre-requisite. We clearly specify all experience requirements in our job descriptions.

What does Monomoy look for in an ideal candidate?

We look for individuals who deeply resonate with our firm’s values and mission. We value candidates who consistently strive for excellence, exhibit strong collaboration skills, and demonstrate a continuous desire for personal and team growth. If you are someone who thrives in a work environment that emphasizes excellence, teamwork, and a people-first approach, then Monomoy may be the right place for you!

What if I’m interested in positions with the firm’s portfolio?

For opportunities at our portfolio companies, please use the form on our “Get in Touch” page.

I submitted my resume. How else can I stay connected?

We encourage all candidates to stay connected by following us on LinkedIn. For current undergraduate students, we also recommend following us on Handshake.