Creating Value for Our Companies

Monomoy has one of the largest operating teams in the middle market and, along with our investment team, we have functional experts in:

Data & Analytics

Supply Chain


Mergers & Acquisitions

Lean Manufacturing

Strategic Planning

Leveraging the industry knowledge Monomoy has accumulated over nearly 20 years, our Operating Team offers partnership and support to our portfolio companies.

What Management Teams can Expect

We love to work with market leading businesses that are looking to take their success to the next level. Whether a business is looking for operational expertise to expand production capabilities or a partner to help accelerate growth, we can help.

At Monomoy, we have smart people with great tools and experiences, but we know that no one knows a business better than the management team. We want to partner with great people to accelerate value creation. It’s that simple.

Hear from Our Partners

Hear from our Partners: Jim Glomstad, Sportech

Board Member Testimonials Mashup

Hear from our Partners: Management Teams

Hear from our Partners: Jim Campbell, Board Member

How We Support Our Partners

Sharing Best Practices Across the Portfolio

Monomoy aims to provide a variety of resources and types of support to all of our portfolio companies and their management teams. Two particularly powerful tools are our Executive Conference and Monomoy Boot Camps.

Executive Conference

Every year we invite executives, board members and advisors from across the portfolio to gather. The result is a perfect example of the power of our network, thought leadership and idea sharing.

Guests attend a mix of expert speakers and hands-on breakout sessions to discuss and dissect leadership approaches and tactics. In-depth symposium sessions discuss topics from developing pricing strategies to utilizing ESG as a value creator to uncover new strategies and operating best practices across the portfolio. We are proud to see teams practice and implement the ideas they learn at our annual Executive Conference.

Lean Manufacturing Boot Camp

Our lean manufacturing boot camp takes employees from across our portfolio and teaches them the tenets of lean manufacturing. They solve actual production problems facing the host portfolio company and bring the tools that they learn back to their own company.

Data & Analytics Boot Camp

Our data & analytics bootcamp takes employees from across our portfolio and teaches them how to use tools like Alteryx and Tableau to mine company data and understand questions like “Which products have price elasticity?”, “What inventory should we prioritize?” and “Which customers are most valuable?”

Monomoy's ESG Impact

At Monomoy, we recognize the importance of considering environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) factors in turning our portfolio companies into healthier more sustainable businesses that ultimately generate long-term value for our investors, our firm and our community.

Our proactive ESG assessment and risk management process has been implemented by our senior stakeholders in order to ensure a firm-wide approach to responsible investing designed to sustain and create value in the investments we make.

Our core investment verticals are centered on industrial, manufacturing, and consumer businesses. Therefore, our primary areas of ESG focus on responsible environmental standards regarding consumption, production, disposal, carbon footprint, emissions as well as labor rights and the health and safety of employees.

In November 2020, Monomoy became a signatory to the UN’s Principals for Responsible Investing (“UNPRI”) and has committed to implementing UNPRI’s 6 Principles for responsible investment.

All awards and recognitions presented herein are presented by third-parties that are not affiliated with Monomoy and were issued for 2021.  For each recognition, Monomoy is assessed based off the nominees and sponsoring colleagues written responses to questions on each respective application.  Unless otherwise stated, Monomoy does not know the exact number of managers surveyed for a given award or recognition, and therefore does not know the percentage of investors that received any one award or recognition. These recognitions are not indicative of Monomoy’s future performance and do not reflect the experience of Monomoy or its investment professionals. While Monomoy did not provide compensation to the third-party ranking organizations to participate in the ranking, Monomoy does provide compensation to the respective third-party ranking organization in order to reflect these awards and recognitions.