All-Terrain Operating Initiatives: A Closer Look at Our Partnership with Sportech

With collaboration at the core of each portfolio company partnership we build, our team is incredibly proud of the enduring impacts of our work with Sportech.

Throughout its four-year partnership with Monomoy, Sportech worked in lockstep with our integrated Investment and in-house Operating Teams to focus on key operational enhancements to maximize productivity, adapt to increasing demand, and create new sourcing opportunities. This collaboration created lasting value-creation opportunities that continue to place Sportech at the forefront of the power sports industry today.

Monomoy recently sold Sportech to Patrick Industries. During its tenure with Monomoy, Sportech doubled its production capacity and underwent operational enhancements with a keen eye toward cost-effectiveness and increased productivity. The sustainable strategies developed during our partnership with Sportech underscore Monomoy’s dedication to fostering long-term growth and innovation within all the companies it supports.

Hear more about the key operating initiatives the Monomoy team helped Sportech implement in this video: