Benjamin Humphreys on Curating Alignment Between PE Sponsors and Executive Teams

Collaboration and partnership between PE-backed executives and operating partners are essential for unlocking long-term growth.

Senior Operating Executive Benjamin Humphreys was invited to join the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) 2022 Operators’ Summit: Accelerating Value Creation to share his perspective on actionable ideas for operating partners to accelerate value creation.

Participating in a panel discussing the Keys to Success for PE-Backed Executives, Ben offered operating partners and PE-backed executives advice for how to best ensure alignment for the partnership.

At Monomoy, we believe in partnering with existing management teams to provide the resources and expertise they need to accelerate value creation and achieve sustainable success.

In this in-depth conversation, Ben highlights some fundamental principles that help keep the relationship on-track, including:

  • The importance of strategic planning, and planning for the long-term
  • Empowering management teams with the right tools and systems
  • Ensuring consistency and clarity of vision from the start

Read Middle Market Growth’s recap of the conversation here:

Listen to the discussion here: