Benjamin Humphreys on How the Operating Partner Creates Value

Macro-level events have caused prices to remain high and the margin for error to shrink. The Monomoy Operating Team provides value to our companies by bringing tested best practices from across our portfolio and industries of focus to our collaborative partnerships with management teams to help them overcome today’s market challenges.

Senior Operating Executive Benjamin Humphreys recently participated in the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) Operator’s Summit to discuss the increasingly important role of the Operating Team amid current conditions. During the panel, Ben discussed our philosophy of engaging with management teams using a partnership model, stating, “We find that our framework of hiring independent leaders, using strong governance practices and aligning incentives allows us as operators to focus on the key strategic questions facing the business, value creation areas, and being able to drive true transformational improvements.”

Monomoy has one of the largest operating teams in the middle market and, along with our investment team, we have functional experts in the industrial and consumer space. As a fully integrated team whose core values include teamwork and continuous improvement, our operators and investment teams come together not to run a company but to partner with them to accelerate value creation. In developing these relationships with our management teams, Ben said, “We are always leading with what can we do better. Having a culture of continuous improvement is important in building a successful partnership with management teams.”

We invite you to watch Ben’s full ACG panel discussion here.