Benjamin Humphrey’s on Pricing Strategies as a Value Driver

Equipping management teams with a confident understanding and command of the relationship between price and volume is fundamental to creating a pricing strategy that can unlock revenue growth.

Senior Operating Executive, Ben Humphreys, joined ACG’s Operator’s Summit to discuss sales and pricing strategies to drive accelerated value creation. Joining a panel of operating partners at Apollo and Charlesbank, Ben explained the data-driven approach that Monomoy employs with each portfolio company to utilize pricing as a value driver lever.

Encouraging leaders to think about pricing as an opportunity to boost bottom line performance of the business, as opposed to a reduction in the top line, Ben highlights three focus areas of a pricing strategy that teams can employ:

  • Foundational elements – implementing data and analytics to understand the drivers of profitability
  • Control and governance – establishing internal processes to manage and track pricing adjustments
  • Mature strategies – creating power and risk models to maintain market share, conducting deeper customer and market research to ensure customer needs are

Implementing a pricing strategy may be daunting for commercial teams. However, working with a PE sponsor with experience and a network of industry experts can help bring structure and discipline to the process.

Regardless of the size, structure or maturity of a business, establishing and maintaining a sales and pricing strategy will help unlock revenue opportunities, improve customer success, and help proactively protect against market volatility.

Read the highlights from the summit here:

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