Jaime Forsyth – ION Analytics’ Spotlight on Trailblazing Women


Last month, in honor of International Women’s Day, Jaime Forsyth spoke with Mergermarket as part of their ION Analytic’s Spotlight on Trailblazing Women series. Interviewing notable women in the M&A industry, the Mergermarket series explored sources of inspiration and advice for other women looking to succeed.

Remarkable women in our industry inspire us every day. Fostering an environment where women can grow, flourish and celebrate success is of paramount importance to Monomoy. It’s an honor to have Jaime featured on such a remarkable list of women.

Read the excerpt below, and find the full article on Mergermarket here: https://www.mergermarket.com/intelligence/view/intelcms-t9t9vc

Jaime Forsyth

Forsyth has served as chairman of the board of six of Monomoy’s portfolio companies and leads the firm’s Diversity & Inclusion efforts. 

What challenges did you face starting your career in this industry? 

Our industry is replete with young, talented people who work with companies led by seasoned management teams. Early in my career, I confronted the challenge of building credibility and gaining trust from folks with many more years of experience than me. Working hard and getting deal experience is essential for establishing your credentials. I also found that demonstrating that we all have the same goal – to make each investment as successful as possible – was critical for helping industry veterans see you as a partner.

Who was your mentor or inspired you in this industry? 

The leadership of Monomoy has been my collective mentor and inspiration. Having been at the firm for about 15 years, I’ve built my professional career with the guidance and support of Dan (Collin), Justin (Hillenbrand) and Stephen (Presser). Not only have I benefitted from their counsel and wealth of experiences, but their individual leadership styles have informed my own. Traits of theirs that I admire and actively emulate include a dedication to humility, maintaining accountability, and prioritizing the team.

What advice would you give to other women?

Embrace the fact that you’re different from most of your peers. You bring a unique perspective, and you will inherently broaden the lens through which your team evaluates opportunities. There aren’t many of us in the finance industry, and this isn’t a zero-sum game. I encourage you to form connections with other women in our space and support them whenever you can. Seek to assist junior women who are rising through the ranks and can benefit from your guidance.