Monomoy Capital Named to Mergers & Acquisitions’ PE Innovators in ESG

We are honored to be named in Mergers and Acquisitions’ inaugural PE Innovators in ESG. At Monomoy, we make an exerted effort to ESG integration, as well as ensuring transparency, authenticity and attentiveness, across the entire portfolio.

“We have a rigorous ESG benchmarking process that we require by all of our portfolio companies on a quarterly basis, allowing us to continue our oversight and measure ESG initiatives and progress,” said Ethan Klemperer, head of Monomoy’s operating team.

Our operational capabilities create a unique opportunity to take an active role in partnering with each management team to design an effective ESG strategy and implement specific ESG initiatives. Our goal is not only to create more sustainable companies by mitigating risk and adding value operationally, but also to pave the way for smaller investment firms and companies operating in the middle market to do the same.

In furtherance of that goal, and consistent with our commitment to ESG, we are signatories to the UN’s Principals for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) and are committed to implementing their 6 principles for responsible investing across our entire private equity platform.

Thank you Mergers and Acquisitions for the recognition and award!

Monomoy Capital Partners is a private investment firm with $2.7 billion in committed capital.  We invest in the debt and equity of middle market businesses that can benefit from operational and financial improvement with a focus on manufacturing, distribution and consumer product businesses in North America and Europe.

Monomoy Capital Partners (“Monomoy”) does not deploy a dedicated environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) strategy, but instead considers ESG risks as one of many factors when making investment decisions for its private equity funds (collectively, the “Funds”).  Evaluating ESG factors can be subjective and Monomoy makes no guarantee that its ESG initiatives will be successful or generate meaningful returns.  Monomoy became a signatory to the UN PRI in November 2020.  The PRI is a voluntary framework and becoming a signatory does not imply any level of skill regarding ESG or performance alpha related to ESG.  As a signatory to the PRI, Monomoy commits to integrating ESG factors to the majority of its Funds, but the extent of this integration is subject to Monomoy’s discretion. This document is provided for informational purposes only and is not an offer or a solicitation to offer to purchase any interest in an investment vehicle managed or sponsored by Monomoy, nor should this information serve as the basis for any investment decision.