Monomoy Capital Partners Named 2022 Private Equity Innovator in ESG by Mergers & Acquisitions

We are excited to share that Monomoy was named a 2022 Private Equity Innovator in ESG by Mergers and Acquisitions.

For the second consecutive year, this award honors PE firms that are leading the way and are committed to developing and implementing ESG initiatives. Monomoy proudly celebrates back-to-back wins as a recognized firm again this year.

Special recognition was awarded to Ethan Klemperer, who oversees Monomoy’s ESG initiatives. Ethan has been integral for expanding in the sophistication and engagement of ESG strategies internally and across Monomoy’s portfolio companies.

Our team is honored to be included and energized to continue expanding these important initiatives. Learn more about Monomoy’s ESG initiatives and the award here: [Mergers and Acquisitions Names PE Innovators in ESG]

These awards are presented by Mergers and Acquisitions – the, a third-party that is not affiliated with Monomoy. For the awards, Monomoy is assessed based off written responses to questions on each award application.  Monomoy does not know the exact number of applicants surveyed for the awards, and therefore does not know the percentage of applicants that received the awards. This recognition is not indicative of Monomoy’s future performance and do not reflect the experience of Monomoy or its investment professionals.