Monomoy’s Japs-Olson & Sportech Awarded Honorable Mention for Mergers & Acquisitions’ 2024 Middle-Market Deals of the Year

Monomoy Capital Partners is honored to announce the Japs-Olson Company acquisition and the sale of Sportech as Honorable Mention awardees for Mergers & Acquisitions’ 2024 Middle-Market Deal of the Year.

Each year, Mergers & Acquisitions celebrates excellence in dealmaking, highlights notable transactions and honors the companies that made significant contributions to the M&A landscape. The Deal of the Year list recognizes the most impactful, successful mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and other transactions completed within the middle-market sector.

Japs-Olson is a leading custom print and direct mail provider serving diverse markets including financial services, nonprofit, insurance, healthcare and retail. Based in Minnesota, the company produces and distributes over one billion personalized mailings yearly, earning widespread industry recognition for its commitment to service, client satisfaction and production excellence.

Located in Minnesota, Sportech is a leading platform in the powersports industry, offering integrated solutions including door systems, windshields, roofs, canopies, bumpers, fender flares and cowls. Serving the powersport, golf and turf, industrial and agriculture sectors, Sportech provides comprehensive solutions tailored to each market’s unique needs.

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The M&A Honorable Mention for the Deal of the Award recognition is presented by Mergers & Acquisitions, a third party not affiliated with Monomoy.  For the recognition, Monomoy were assessed based off written responses to questions on the award application. Monomoy does not know the exact number of managers surveyed for the award or recognition, and therefore does not know the percentage of nominees that received the award or recognition. This recognition is not indicative of Monomoy’s future success and does not reflect the experience of Monomoy or its investment professionals. Monomoy did not provide compensation to Merges & Acquisitions to participate in this recognition. Additional information is available upon request.